About Us

14 Rue Antoine Carro, 77100 Meaux France, (+33) 644637045

asahi-voice is an outward expression of pride Black pride. Being Black is something we should be proud of, regardless the state of our society. Despite systemic racism and social injustice, we wear our melanin as a badge of honor. We are special, intelligent, beautiful, creative, talented, resilient...and most importantly, we matter!

As a community, we often pour our dollars into name brands that do little to represent our heritage; our culture. We pour our dollars into some brands that neglect to acknowledge our oppression, and refuse to lift a finger in our cause to hold America accountable for the broken promises of freedom and equality made so long ago.

asahi-voice is by us, for us. In the fight of equity and equality, this brand reminds us to hold our heads up and adjust our crowns accordingly. #WeAreRoyalty



asahi-voice seeks to spread a message of unity and pride amongst the Black community in America and the rest of the African Diaspora.


asahi-voice is a clothing line rooted in the outward expression of Black pride. We strive to build up our Black brothers and sisters from the crown down.